There has been a lot of talk about Real Madrid star Gareth Bale joining Manchester United this summer and according to Spanish football expert Graham Hunter, there is a “real possibility” of a move going though.

Speaking on TalkSport, Hunter spoke about the reports linking Antoine Griezmann and James Rodriguez to United but he said a move for Bale is something everyone should keep an eye on.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images Sport

He said:

I think Gareth Bale is mulling things over at the moment. Before you look at Griezmann and Manchester United there is a very real opportunity [with Bale]. If Gareth Bale decides to press the button and say to Real Madrid ‘I would like to go home again’ there is a very real possibility of that happening. There is a possibility that Bale says ‘I am going to cash my chips in, it has been brilliant here, win [the Champions League final] in Cardiff and maybe Manchester United this summer.’ Maybe.

Of course, the cost of such a deal would be astronomical and will overtake the Pogba deal as the most expensive transfer in history. Time will tell if a deal can be done.