Jose Mourinho admits that Manchester United have yet to see the best of Alexis Sanchez, and claims that it may take until next season until fans see value for money.

Sanchez has only shown glimmers of quality since he completed a January move from Arsenal, where he is now on a weekly wage of £500,000.

Scoring just once, a rebound from a missed penalty, Sanchez has come under fire, and Mourinho claims he was bought at the wrong time.

Despite his teething problems, Sanchez is set to start against Liverpool on Saturday, although Mourinho believes it could still be a while before Sanchez finds his best form. On whether he was getting the best out of Sanchez, Mourinho said;

No. What’s wrong is that he came at the worst moment of the season — in the winter market. That’s why I don’t like the winter market very much.

This was a chance that we didn’t want to lose and we made it. But we don’t believe a lot in the winter market and, for sure, next season will be better for him.

He’s learning how to play with us and we’re learning how to get the best out of him. That’s something that we can develop and we’re going to develop with time, with experience and living these experiences together.

I don’t consider that a weakness, I consider that a huge potential to be developed.

He’s not afraid to take responsibilities, not afraid to try things to make something happen. When he feels he’s not as dangerous as he likes to be, he drops back, he tries things, tries to come to build-up areas.

When he makes mistakes he tries to compensate immediately with a fantastic spirit, to try to win back the ball.