Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matić believes teammate Paul Pogba must take more responsibility on the pitch to properly flourish.

Pogba began the season in fine form but has struggled in recent months, in some cases forcing manager José Mourinho to drop him from the starting line-up entirely.

Still, many believe the £89million signing has a long-term future with the Red Devils, including the club’s Serbian enforcer, who has encouraged his teammate to be less erratic. Matić said;

With his quality and personality, he needs to have more confidence, but he needs to take more responsibility.

Of course, he’s still young, he can improve and he will improve and he showed in the derby that he always can play better and better if he takes responsibility.

He scored twice and gave more confidence to other players.

After his first goal we started to believe we could do something – that’s exactly what he has to do. He’s a great player.

He runs a lot, has the quality with ball, he can score, he can also defend very well. I like to play with him.

Matić and Pogba are like chalk in cheese. While Pogba is known for vibrant and wacky hairstyles, celebratory dancing and a booming social media profile, Matić is much more straight-laced and professional.

When asked if he would ever emulate Pogba’s outlandish style, Matić said;

No, I have kids.

If I did that, my son is going to do the same. I have to have serious hair — like Gary Neville.