From his apprenticeship days as Sir Bobby Robson’s understudy to his glory years in Portugal, England and Italy, Jose Mourinho has always managed to come off as a pantomime villain regardless of wherever he goes. Much of it has plenty to do with his vividly outspoken nature and combative antics while handling the press, but who wouldn’t, given the media’s obsession with “The Special One”?

The media has unsparingly been raining down on the Manchester United gaffer since the dawn of the new campaign, perhaps fixated on proving that they can either make or break a manager’s future at a club. Such was the case during Jose Mourinho’s second spell at Chelsea; with the agenda against him now seemingly, if not assuredly, taking root at Old Trafford.

Despite being a stoned and proven manager whose credentials have never been in question, the media still patronizes his defensive style after every marginal win; while in the same vein lambast the Portuguese for not having a water tight defense whenever he seeks adventure over caution.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images Sport

Regardless of whatever you make of Jose Mourinho’s tactics, there is no escaping the fact that United’s progress has been blighted by the board’s support- or lack thereof- especially in the last transfer window.

Many United supporters will be quick to point out how their cross city rivals have exceeded and excelled with their signings, quickly forgetting that the petrodollar fueled club has backed Pep Guardiola with more than double the number of signings Jose has been handed throughout the same 3-year period.

Jose Mourinho is never a manager to let his head drop, which is why the 55-year old will fight to the very end, based on the balance of how this season could very well be his final throw of the dice at the Theatre of Dreams.

Easy as it may to view the Portuguese maestro as a prima donna with a nefarious inflation of his own past achievements, ever thought of how you would fair off as a football manager given the weight of expectation from the owners, the press and most of all the fans?

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