A few good results at the end of October and the start of November had Manchester United fans thinking that maybe there would be something to cheer about this season but the last two games have shown the club are in a very dark place.

Lack of purpose on the pitch

Jose Mourinho’s succes as a manager has always come from solidity and counter attacking but this United team can’t defend and rarely counter attack to much effect. If any team has players willing to run at the United midfield and defence then the team are instantly in trouble.

The team has no personality, you watch any other team in the league and they have more purpose than this current United side. The players who used to be reliable for United, the likes of David De Gea, Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku, are now some of the most inconsistent. Obviously De Gea is still our best player but he’s making errors this season that we haven’t seen in the last four campaigns.

The club is in a dark place and must give up on the quick fix and begin the rebuild before they fall into the trap of the 70’s & 80’s.

Sack Mourinho and give Eddie Howe the chance to step up

Jose was a quick fix and one that hasn’t worked, he steadied the ship but then could not kick on. While it seems the board has had an impact on that, it is time for him to go. He’s looking more and more like a man past his time, United need a young, ambitious manager, with a modern philosophy, enter Eddie Howe.

Howe took charge of Bournemouth 10 years ago and has brought them from League Two minnows to an established Premier League side. His team has been a joy to watch over the past couple of seasons. Outside of the top six clubs, Bournemouth are the team you want to see, they play quick passing football and always look to go from defence to attack in as short a time as possible. This is exactly the style that brought Manchester United so much success under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport

Avoiding the mistakes of the past

Manchester United have had two hugely successful periods and this has come from giving chances to young managers. Yes, times are different now but United could slip into the shadows for almost two decades like they did after Matt Busby if they don’t act soon.

While I don’t believe Howe is the finished product as a manager, he has done enough to impress everyone around the league. He deserves a chance, a real chance. They need to bring him in with a five year plan. They cannot do what they did with David Moyes. If they can bring Howe in, they must let him envoke his philosophy and, if possible, have Sir Alex there to mentor him in the early stages, like Busby did for him. They could return to the top table in both England and Europe in the next five years.

Howe has a modern philosophy. He is young, hungry and appears to have all the credentials of a great manager. United’s success has always been built off giving young managers the opportunitiy to prove themselves, they didn’t do it with Moyes and the old guard, quick fixes since, haven’t worked.

If United have any hope of competing in the next five years they must start the rebuild. A new manager is step one and Howe should be that manager.